Monday, April 21, 2014

Keyk Serye: Triple Chocolate Roll (Red Ribbon)

Keyk Serye No. 8, let the rolls begin *grins*!

Red Ribbon's Triple Chocolate Roll is tagged as triple chocolate goodness - moist, chocolate chiffon with fudgy chocolate filling topped with rich chocolate icing and chocolate toppings form the chocolate roll (as per their website).

A whole roll would cost you more than 300 pesos and a half roll would cost a bit more than 150 pesos.  No specific prices from this blogger, one because I'm old and getting older by the minute, I tend to forget stuff, and two, I don't generally keep receipts and take note of prices, it makes me wanna hold on to my hard-earned money more and not spend a dime on anything, nyahahaha!

I know most of us common people have tried the Triple Chocolate Rolls but the uncommon ones might not have yet, so I'm trying to cajole them to give it a try, hurhur!

Red Ribbon
G/F (adjacent to the parking area) Malabon City Square

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