Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Keyk Serye: French Chocolate (Bake & Churn)

Keyk Serye No. 7 (after a very long pause, that is)!

Bake and Churn is one of the few bakeshops / cake houses that took the ice cream cake plunge and with them it is all about ice cream cakes, nothing more, nothing less.  Bake and Churn is one of Snow Joe Cream Coolers, Inc. (SJCCI)'s branch of business and it's their newest, too, together with Milko Ice Cream Scooping Stations and Snow Joe Ice Creams.  They offer a fusion of desserts - rich cake and delectable ice cream - with six product lines to offer - Dome Cakes (featured), Log Cakes, Chilly Cups, Ice Cream To Go!, Black Forest Bar and Ice Cream Scoops of Scoop-a-Cake.

French Chocolate Dome Cake

According to their website, what makes them stand out, aside from their yummy ice cream cakes, is their special boxes which is customized to hold and keep your purchase in minty-good condition even up to 3 hours outside of a refrigerator or chiller.  A perfect fit to those who travel far, right?

Featured on this post is one of their dome cakes - French Chocolate - which will cost you a bit more than 500 pesos, and because I am a total bum, I decided on just copy-pasting the product details mentioned in their website *lol*.  It's that time of year when people should forgive and be lenient on others, so I encourage you to practice that right now *grins*.

Cake Layer:  Moist Chocolate   
Ice Cream Layer: Chocolate
Filling:Chocolate Ganache
Frosting:Chocolate Cream
Toppings:Chocolate Bars
 Chocolate Rolls
 Cocoa Powder

Verdict?  Hmm... it's okay but you can't force me to rave about it *lol*, I'm still an avid DQ fan, so if ever I happen to crave for some ice cream cake, I'll just have to save a few extra hundred more before I take the plunge and satiate my needs, hahaha.  I sound naughty and pervy *lol*.

But if someone I know decided on buying a box one of these days who am I to say no *grins*.

Bake and Churn 
4/F SM City Manila

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