Friday, May 2, 2014

Keyk Serye: Cupcakes (Little Rob's Cake Haus)

Little Rob's Cake Haus is one of Navotas' little foodie treasure, they specialized in cupcakes, as in you can drop by their shop and eat to your hearts desire (as long as you have the money to spend *lol*) as you'll be welcomed by an array of cupcake flavors and variants.  They also do personalized cakes and mini cakes, but as the term personalized denotes, you have to place your order a few days prior to whatever event you're celebrating and needing that cake for *grins*.  At present, they also serve milk and fruit teas, sandwiches, fries and nachos, among other stuff ( I don't really know as I didn't read the whole counter menu, I'm lazy like that, hurhur!).

Ferrero Rocher Cupcake
see that hazelnut choc in the middle, yum!
I, finally, convinced Prof to give Little Rob's a try a month or so ago (hail to the the Queen of Procrastination, yeah!), not that I'm a regular customer, it was actually my first time to dine in their newly-renovated shop but I am a frequent by-the-box buyer of their cupcakes as my family love their not-so-sweet sweet treats, so it's one of those blockbuster pasalubong that I love to buy and bring home.

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes
Smores Cupcakes
Prof and I shared three cupcake variants - Ferrero Rocher, Dark Chocolate and Smore Cupcakes, an order of Nachos with cheese dip and fruit teas - Green Apple Tea for me and Blueberry Tea for Prof.

Green Apple Fruit Tea
Blueberry Fruit Tea
Nachos w/ cheese dip
We stayed and talked for a while, which I think don't usually happen as the old lady in the counter kept on asking us if what we're ordering is for take out or dine in (samantalang nakaupo kami doon at lumalafang ng kung aik-anik nilang tinda, nyahahaha) but other than that, we had a great time, sure ako mauulit ito one of these days *grins*.

posters on the wall
And, I almost forgot, not that it doesn't matter because really it does, I'm just as forgetful as that almost-senile lady in the neighborhood, Rob Labagala, yup the basketball player currently under the Barako Bulls roster is the owner and rumored to be, not just the brain but also the hand behind the yummy cupcakes in the store.  I wouldn't know for sure though, we're not that close, well actually, we're not even a bit close *lol*.

Little Rob's Cake Haus
And, for the record, I think, it was Rob Labagala who came in while we were in the middle of eating/chatting but because the both of us weren't sure, we didn't dare to ask for a photo op, it'll be sooo embarrassing if we were mistaken, right *grins*?

kami na lang nag-photo op, at least sure kami na kami ito, hahaha!

Little Rob's Cake Haus
826 M. Naval St., Navotas City



  1. not sure if my comment went through ... but here it goes (again, lol)

    ...looks delicious! for someone like me who has a sweet tooth, your post is torture! lol... :P

    thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sis
    enjoy the rest of the week!

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