Saturday, May 3, 2014


Finally, a McDonald's branch in our little city!  It opened its doors to the public yesterday, May 2, and it was a massive success, it was like a declared McDo day in Navotas, everyone and anyone were seen falling in line claiming their tickets, waiting for their orders or just plain waiting around for a vacant seat, eating their McChicken meal and licking their sundaes and McFlurrys.  It was a sight to see, lalo na siguro sa may-ari ng McDo - Navotas, siguro puro peso sign ang nakikita ng mata nya, hahaha.

They had a grand opening promo, a ticket that cost 150 pesos will enable you to claim a McChicken meal (1pc chicken and rice plus a tetra pack orange drink), a classic toy (stocks Happy Meal toy) and an umbrella (with McDonald's logo).

courtesy of Google images
Pero syempre, di papatalo ang Jollibee, sayang naman ang ilang taong paghahari nila sa Navotas kung basta na lang sila papadaig, di ba?  Photo below were their own version of tickets which you can claim the same day of McDo's grand opening and it is 10 pesos lower in price, haha.

Let the rivalry begin!

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