Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

We had our yearly celebration of Easter and we (our family) were tasked to make and decorate the Easter eggs.  Photo below was the result of our (hubby, son, brother and moi) collective efforts, but mostly it was hubby's, we're not all born artist you know!

We were supposed to start early morning but  because we're us (nocturnal beings and all), we were able to start an hour before lunch, hurhur!  We'll make Grandfather Time proud *grins*.

Calm after the storm, believe me it was pandemonium, I don't think anything in Tita Belle's house was left untouched.  They were looking for eggs like they'll win a million bucks for it, that's how game (and competitive) our family is!  Fun, fun, fun!

Our Easter Sunday lunch, we weren't that prepared as it was a next-day-event sort of planning, hehe, but we still enjoyed every minute and every bite. Yum!

Squidball and Kekiam courtesy of Emon
Adobong Manok courtesy of Kuya Perry and Ate Maf
Another Chicken dish (forgot the name, sorry), still from Kuya Perry and Ate Maf
Adobong Tahong courtesy of Aissa Marie
Inihaw na Hasa-Hasa courtesy of Tito Arnel
Hotdogs courtesy of E
Another pack of hotdogs ready to be grilled, courtesy of Tito Ariel
Selecta Cookies and Cream courtesy of Aissa Marie
Drinks not shown in the photos, liters of softdrinks courtesy of the husband. Just giving credits to where it's due.

Till next Easter!

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