Monday, May 12, 2014

March Celebrant

Magpapauna na po ako, super late post po ito (look at the title), alam nyo na, hindi na nga ako kasipagan mag-update ng blog tapos matatambakan pa ko ng workload kaya syempre ang Pud Blag ni Ako ang magsa-suffer, pero di bale, babawi na lang po ako :)

Photos below were from Kuya Jeff's birthday last March, let's not talk about his age, coz you know age doesn't matter naman*grins*.  His birthday fell during a busy week (Grad Week), so it was a rush and on-the-go kind of birthday bash, he also treated us to some ice cream but as the whole PIO team were rushing from one school to another, we had no choice but to eat our ice cream on the way to wherever our destination was at that time (read: at the PIO service vehicle) and we had to do that as fast as possible, you know Navotas City is not that big of a place so we kinda arrive at our destination in just a blink and snap, hurhur!

Red Ribbon's Ultimate Chocolate Cake
(i stretched the photo thus the stretch-y appearance, haha)
birthday cake
PIO - Navotas with our OJT
I know it's late and all, but hey, a wish is a wish right? Happy birthday Kuya Jeff and I wish you all the best in life, sana masundan pa si Jaja ng isang Junior, hehe!

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