Monday, May 19, 2014

It's Tatay's Turn!

Have I told you that my Nanay and Tatay have the same birth month?  I guess I did huh, and even if I didn't, yet, my last year's post would have more than suffice to fill in the details, right *grins*?

Anyways, we didn't had that big of a celebration, it was just us! We had our usual Sunday family dinner but we sort of prepared dishes that pops like, it was his special day afterall *winks*. 

Tatay used to work as a chief cook in an international cargo ship, so imagine the gamut of dishes he had sampled and tried to create, add it to the fact that his love of food never falters.  But as we all know, age brought about ailments, whether we like it or not, and aside from the usual maintenance meds that oldies had to take, moderation or, unfortunately, sometimes a total ban from eating specific kinds of food have to be implemented.  But for his birthday, we let him have what he wants!  We bought two kilos of Lechon from Concepcion (Malabon) Market and transformed it into a Lechon Paksiw.  Sisiw lang pala magluto n'yan and believe me ang sarap ko magluto, hahaha!

Whole (chopped) Fried Chicken from our friendly neighborhood street vendor, masarap na, mura pa, di pa ko matitilamsikan ng mantika sa pagluluto, hahaha!

Kalabasa (squash) Okoy, he's been raving about this dish as he had tried it somewhere so for his special day we tried creating one (actually, more than one, hehe) for him.  It was okay, actually, husband said it was pretty good, I just wasn't an okoy-type of person *tongue out*.

This I like, Kalabasa Okoy just for me, it's pure kalabasa strips without any trace of shrimp in it. Yum!

Syempre Pancit Bihon for long life, with lots of Longganisang Macau para may mapapak ako.

Molo soup, not my pops favoritest recipe in the world, but it's mine, so go figure, haha!  Another YUM!

Fruits (Chilled Watermelon) for dessert.  Healthy living syempre!

And of course, Ice Cream, what's a birthday without one?  And E will be kind of pissed if we don't serve ice cream at the end of the meal.

A simple and enjoyable dinner, a celebration of life and love!  Who ever said that good life is only for the rich  and well-off is clearly mistaken.

Belated Happy Birthday Tay!  Long live!

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