Friday, June 27, 2014

Colette's Buko Pie and Cassava Bibingka

Whether it was intended or not, like that of Dunkin Donuts' tagline 'Pasalubong ng Bayan', Colette's has been synonymous with the word pasalubong if you're coming from a roadtrip / vacation / seminar or just a simple day tour from Tagaytay, Cavite, or Laguna.  It is famously known for its sweet version of buco pie but, I am telling you, you have to try their Cassava Bibingka... it is way better than their buco pie, swear *right hand promise*.

Colette's Cassava Bibingka

A box of cassava bibingka cost 150 pesos, same with their buko pie, the latter's box is  a bit bigger though, hehe.

The moment it was cut, there was no turning back, it was gone in like a minute or two.

Colette's Buko Pie
I was never a fan of Colette's Buko Pie but I admit to have eaten a number of slices in my life, haha.  Who in their right mind will turn their backs on free pie?  And it's not everyday that we get to eat buco pies so when it comes, we conquer, haha!

Colette's Buko Pie and Pasalubong
Colette's Food Inc.
52 San Rafael, San Pablo City, Laguna
(049) 562-6754

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