Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cravings: Pines' Cappuccino Brownies

I had been gorging myself with sweets - pastries, desserts - name it and I'm sure I've tried it, fortunately or not, work has been stressful enough to help me burn all the calories and fats so I haven't been gaining that much weight to warrant my OB-GYN's wrath and, a bit of her, concern, hurhur! 

Ano pa nga ba, eh di tuloy lang ang ligaya *lol*!

A present from the hubby, I think, her sister went on a seminar somewhere in Pampanga and he forced her to buy a box of Pines' Brownies on her way home.  Cappuccino, because I had been wanting to have a sip of coffee but my OB-GYN won't allow me, hmmp, bad doktora *tongue out*!

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