Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cravings: Good Shepherd's Ube Jam

A pasalubong from Prof, she, together with her fam had a summer getaway in the Land of Pines and right after she messaged me that they're going, I immediately asked her to buy me Ube Jam from Good Shepherd, she told me she'll try but because I am me, I nagged her in to buying me one.  Good thing she delivered, naglilihi na pala kasi ako noong mga panahong iyon *smiles*. 

Thanks Prof!

As per the label - Our products, sought for their quality, signify the Good Shepherd Sisters' mission, with lay mission partners, to the student workers from the Cordillera.  Made with care and diligence, cooked with a prayer and wrapped with the mission, these blessings in bottles/jars feed not only the body, but also nourish the soul.

If its taste isn't reason enough to buy one, that mission statement would / should.

I love it paired with hot, crunchy pandesal *smiles*.

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