Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cravings: Kakanin

If we'll count my kakanin posts as proof of my love of all things kakanin, we'll certainly deduce that I am overwhelmingly besotted with it.  But now that I am pregnant with Baby A, I tend to crave and mentally drool for the uncommon ones, I can buy puto, cochinta, pitsi-pitsi, etc. in our barangay wet market but I won't easily find Pinipig Kalamay or Puto Polo or those big and chunky palitaw.

But hey, if there's a will, there's a way!  And if your pregnant and you wish it, people who loves you will painstakingly make it happen, I feel so loved, haha.

Pinipig Kalamay 
My tatay found this green and slime-looking delights in Cavite and he hit it with just one try - Pinipig Kalamay, check!

Puto Polo
Puto Polo was a namesake given to these kinds of rice cakes as it hailed from Polo, Bulacan.  Found this pack under the table of one of those business-minded peeps of the Legal Dept., she's from Bulacan, hence, her choice of business - buy and sell of Bulacan delicacies.  Puto Polo, check!

Palitaw, still waiting to be checked *sad face*!

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