Monday, June 23, 2014

Cravings: Tikoy

An all-time favorite Chinese delight, I think I had been eating and enjoying the taste of Tikoy since childhood when every Chinese peep that we know of only give Tikoy as a gift, haha.  I enjoy it raw, yes I do eat the white variety as is, or coated in egg and fried, or wrapped in molo or lumpia wrapper like turon, I haven't tried it in stir-fried veggies yet but I heard it was yum.  Someday...

So, it wasn't a surprise when I suddenly had a craving for Tikoy in the middle of summer when the Tikoy season (Chinese New Year fever) was over.  I didn't know I was pregnant then but hey, if me wants tikoy, I should have tikoy *grins*.

What happened to these boxes?  I asked hubby to cooked it for breakfast, mid-morning and bedtime snack everyday until there's none left.  I assure you, I didn't stop there, I think I got to finish  3 more boxes before my tikoy fixation finally ended.  What a tikoy journey, haha!

Baker's Fair Original Tikoy

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