Monday, June 23, 2014

Cravings: Hopia Baboy

Yep, offer / give me Hopia Baboy of any kind, of any brand and I'll surely not disappoint you.  You can even time me and you'll be amaze on how fast I can finish several pieces, hehe.  One of the powers of being pregnant and always hungry *tongue out*.

Hopia Baboy or Hopyang Baboy (pork hopia) is filled with a savoury bread-crumb paste studded with candied wintermelon, flavored with scallion, and enriched with candied pork back fat, hence its name.  This type of hopia is also sometimes referred to as hopyang maalat (salty hopia).

Got that from wikipedia, go figure, hehe.

Tipas Special Hopia Baboy
Hopia Baboy from our friendly neighborhood bakery

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