Monday, July 7, 2014

Father's Day for Two!

We celebrated this year's Faher's Day at home, as usual, hurhur!  Hubby bought some sisig, as requested by E, while Tatay brought home tubs of ice cream. Us (nanay and me), on our part, cooked some dishes we deemed easy and likable (by the two).

Antioch's Crispy Sisig
We prepared Giniling with hard-boiled eggs (specifically for hubby), Okoy (specifically for tatay), Fried Rice con tuyo, salted eggs and tomatoes, Mojos and Crispy Potato Strips, and Cheese Sticks.

Pork Giniling w/ Hard-boiled Eggs
Fried Rice con Tuyo, Salted Eggs and Tomatoes
Cheese Sticks
Mojo Potatoes and Crispy Potato Strips
Ube Sorbetes
Ube, Mangga & Tsokolate Sorbetes

It was a simple dinner made special with overflowing love *smiles*.

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