Wednesday, July 9, 2014

All-Filipino Breakfast for May

We had this not-so-old (read: it started several months ago, haha) tradition in our office - a monthly foodie activity, wherein we will all (or at least, those who are not KJs enough to decline) shed a hundred pesos, from there, we'll buy or order dishes that we had resolved to binge on.

We skip a month, we weren't able to do it on the month of April as we had our annual team building but we're back in full force on the month of flowers and fiestas, May.  We had an All-Filipino Breakfast, which we bought fresh from the market and cooked by ourselves.

smoked (sliced) pork and chicken longganisa and embotido 

I took care of the Smoked Longganisa and Tocino, Mickee (but, I bet it was really his mom who did his part) cooked the Garlic Rice, Daing na Bangus and Embotido, and Ressy took charge of the fried eggs; Kuya Jeff sliced the tomatoes and daing, he's domesticated like that, hur!

daing na Bangus and fried eggs
pork tocino and sliced tomatoes
Garlic Rice
fresh fruits - ripe mangoes and bananas 
That's what we call, Team Effort and Brotherly Love (at least for the few us, hahaha).

Go P.I.O!

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