Thursday, July 10, 2014

Twice the Fun!

By the number of times I had posted birthday celebrations of colleagues here in my blog this year alone, I assumed you already deduced that we do love to celebrate each others natal day.  Let me enumerate why:  first, there's free food, whether it's home-cooked or ordered someplace, whether there's aplenty or just enough to satisfy a normal person's appetite (I am the standard here, hehe); second, our boss never fails to surprise us with a cake (it's a little late sometimes but she always make an effort *grins*), so the celebrant can blow his/her cake and throw a wish in the universe, but more than that (yes, I'm sort of selfish *tongue out*) we all can enjoy a slice of that sweet treat; third, we get to spend an hour or two bonding and hanging out, free from work and the daily struggle of office politics, phew (for me, reason number 3 is the best!).

Chocolate Cake

Ervic fed and satisfied us with Pork Asado and Yang Chow rice, courtesy of Mickee's awesome cook of a mom while Kuya Errol bought two orders of Roasted Chicken from Kevin Roasters.

Roasted Chicken
Yang Chow
Pork Asado
Happy Birthday Ervic and Kuya Errol from your PIO Family

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