Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy Na, Birthday Pa!

Another month equates to another birthday celebrant which then means another opportunity to celebrate and to eat more than we should *grins*.

June is the birth month of our national hero, who is the reason why Kuya Josel was named Joselito, if you still haven't put two and two together, he was born a day before Dr. Jose Rizal, and if I remember correctly, a few hours is all the difference, hehe.

I may not had the privilege of knowing Rizal but, at least, I had the opportunity to meet, know, work and be close with his namesake.  Belated happy birthday kuya!  May all your wishes come true and please, please stay as sweet and as levelheaded as you are.  Sana until the end, hindi ka kainin ng sistema, sasamahan kita, hehe!  Love you kuya! 

Kalborgers huge beef burger
He actually had two celebrations, one was a surprise and the other was his treat.  We enjoyed both *grins*!  Featured photo was part of his birthday surprise, we bought him Kalborgers' plate-size beef and chicken burger and a six piece box of Little Rob's cupcakes.

J-O-S-E-L (Little Rob's) cupcakes
surprise banquet, haha!
syempre, photo op with the PIO team
And then, he treated us to his cousin and mother-in-law's yummy cooking - Relyenong Pusit, Lechon Kawali and Ibok-Ibok.

Relyenong Pusit, Lechon Kawali and Ibok-Ibok
No solo shots for the dishes, actually there was some shots but they're all blurry, as in much, much worst than the pic above, blame the designated photographer that time, haha.

syempre, ano pa ba ini-expect nyo, photo op with Team PIO
Till next year kuya!

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