Sunday, July 13, 2014

Food for the Senators

Food for the Gods contains dates, walnuts and cracker crumbs and is believed to be a Southern dish popularized in the early 1900s.  As for its name, it is theorized that walnuts has to do something with it; walnuts is believed to be the oldest tree known to men and considered by the Romans as food for the gods, thus the name.

I am not posting about the aforementioned pastry, I was just giving you a heads up on what is Food for the Gods and, hopefully, you'll get the pun in my chosen title - Food for the Senators.  If not, then...

Clubhouse Sandwich
We recently started a monthly Lakbay Aral, wherein we visit different LGUs in Metro Manila and other key national government offices and NGOs.  Group 1 had their first trip last May while group 2 (that's us) had ours last June, we visited Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and Senate of the Philippines, we were, also, supposed to go to the City of Manila but we kind of lost track of time and weren't able to make it.

Anyway, I just wanna share (and keep a physical memory, hur) of what our team had as snacks in the said to be expensive and just-for-the-affluent Senate Lounge.  It's a treat from one of the higher-ups of Public Relations and Information Bureau of the Senate, and I thank him from the bottom of my fat-infused heart *grins*.

Okay, let me enumerate:  Elsa, Kuya Josel and I shared an order of Pancit Canton, Clubhouse Sandwich and Turon, the three of us picked canned softdrinks as our drinks; Kuya June and Kuya Nestor both had an order of Pancit Canton and Turon, they're hungry like that, haha; while our boss only had a cup of brewed coffee and a quarter of our Clubhouse Sandwich.  The one who paid for our snacks and his companion (a veteran radio broadcaster) both opted for a cup of brewed coffee and an order of turon.


Pancit Canton, Clubhouse Sandwich, Turon and Canned Softdrinks

me, commemorating my first bite, hurhur!

simo't-sarap, hahaha

proof that we really were in the Senate Lounge *cheeky grin*

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