Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One Saturday Morning

One Saturday morning, in the latter part of the third month, two friends decided to meet up to attend a meeting or orientation (whatever it was) set by a grade school friend but as fate would have it, they weren't able to find the exact location of the said event, so, to alter what could have been a serious waste of time, they resolved on having some tea instead.

They found this quaint little milk tea place near their elementary alma mater and decided on trying it out.

milk and fruit tea

Wintermelon Fruit Tea
Dark Choco Milk Tea with Popping Booba
The professor ordered Wintermelon Fruit Tea and Spicy Tuna Sandwich while the LGU employee opted for some Dark Choco Milk Tea with Popping Booba (she likes the booba, she thinks it's cool but she also think it's impractical, so she won't be having it again anytime soon) and some Pork Siomai.

Spicy Tuna Sandwich
Pork Siomai
While they're eating and chatting their hearts out, the ever-curious, more-on-the-voluptuous-side friend saw something that caught her eye, hmm, justification of one's luxury.  Nifty! 

And just so you can have a glimpse of the mentioned friends, here's a selfie-groupie from them, hurhur!

All photos were taken with an LG Smartphone.  

Tea Ka Muna 
J. Pascual St. Tangos, Navotas City

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