Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Chow at Meat'in Place

I remember a show in Lifestyle Network when I was still a budding foodie maiden (yes, it was ages ago) - Food Finds - it was about finding a particular place's food treasure, a hidden gem in the eyes of foodies and food-enthusiasts.  It was sometimes something familiar and known in the place, a trademark of sorts, or sometimes, something unknown and exotic, something that will surprise you and your tastebuds.

I had to mention the said program because what I am about to blog is one of those food finds here in Navotas, it's not a specific dish nor it is something that our city is known for (but I'm thinking someday it'll hit that mark), it's really about a place, hidden in the suburban part of Brgy. San Roque.

Chicken Quesadillas
I'm not privy to its roots or its history, all I know is that it was owned and operated by the same clan that operates the decade-long Navotas Press and the nearby preschool, Mary's Bee; that the chef/cook was a certified Culinary Arts graduate; and it was located inside their compound so a chance to eat al fresco is always an option.

Meat'in Place menu
Prof and I visited Meat'in Place a few months ago (yes, as usual, this is a late post), I've heard a lot about the place (courtesy of the little bro) so I cajoled and dragged Prof to sample their offerings.  We were on a diet at that time so no full meal (read: anything with rice) was ordered and sent to our table.

BUT, we made it up with lots and lots of other light (hopefully) and yummy dishes.

Korean Noodles (Japchae)

Fish (in sweet sesame sauce) and Chips
Mojo Potatoes w/ sour cream dip

Fries w/ mozarella cheese

Iced Tea

Blue Lemonade
Verdict?  Hooray! It was a nice place to hang out - yummy food, easy on the budget, fast and reliable service and it has a very nice ambiance.  A real foodie paradise!

Prof and I (at our first table :P)



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