Monday, July 21, 2014

E's Starbucks Moment!

We went window shopping a week or so ago, on our way home, the ever-present afternoon/evening rain decided to show its might, as a result, the taxi line went from a meter to a mile long, so to ease the boredom and the pain of standing for, I presume, hours, my son and I decided to make use of the al fresco tables courtesy of Starbucks Coffee and because it'll be inconsiderate of us to make use of their space without buying something and, also, because E like their Chocolate Chip Cream Frappe and kept on nagging me that it has been ages since he last had one, I gave in and let him have his dose.

In return for my caving in to his desire, he had to go to the counter, order, pay and wait in line by himself while I not-so-enjoy the smoky evening air outside the establishment and just look him over.  He took  the challenge and actually did well!

So, here's to E and his Chocolate Chip Cream Frappe!

Chocolate Cream Frappuccino
photo op to remember the day, hahaha

Starbucks Coffee
1st Level, SM City San Lazaro
Lacson St., Manila 

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