Friday, July 25, 2014

Tea Sparkle Moment

I had blogged about our first Tea Sparkle experience several months ago and as I've said back then, I plan on going back, I even had a game plan prepared so I can enjoy their pastas and rice meals, unfortunately, I tend to deviate from my own plans *chuckles*.

 Classic Milk Teas

Prof and I went back to Tea Sparkle to have our regular milk tea fix and, of course, have some chika marathon.  

Hazelnut Milk Tea with Grass Jelly
Okinawa Milk Tea with Pudding

Prof had a tall order of Hazelnut Milk Tea  with Grass Jelly while I had Okinawa Milk Tea with Pudding.  We opted for some Quesadillas and Smiley Fries to munch on while we hang-out and talk the night away

Quesadillas and Smiley Fries
Quesadillas with Spicy Salsa Dip
Smiley Fries with Ketchup
be happy!
A little photo op before we start our night.

Prof and I

Tea Sparkle
M. Naval St., San Jose, Navotas City


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