Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cravings: Toasted Siopao

Remember my post about our Lakbay Aral and our privileged snack at the Senator's Lounge, well aside from that, we were also served some Toasted Siopao and C2 Iced Tea by the accommodating and generous staff of PIA-NCR, guess what, Baby A liked it a lot.  

And when the cravings come, it won't stop until you give in and satisfy the need to gobble yourself to fullness with whatever flavor of the moment it is.  I was like dying to eat one again, at the peak of the craving, I was even hoping for just a bite, haha, I was that crazy!

So the moment an opportunity to come back to PIA came, I grabbed it and headed to Q.C. with excited relish, from there I was able to ask where they bought the Toasted Siopao and tada, here's the blog post.

TatyStar Bakery, makers of the infamous Toasted Siopao, is a quaint bakeshop that stand among the line of business / food establishments in Visayas Avenue.

The toasted siopao are sold at 8 pesos a piece or you can opt for a box set, but beware of the extra charge.  

Not the best siopao ever, but hey, when you wanna eat, you just go do it, haha!

TatyStar Bakery (Home of Toasted Siopao)
CK Bldg., 61 Visayas Ave., Brgy. Vasra, 
Project 6, Quezon City

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