Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Celebrant

Told you, we had two celebrants this month, this time it's all about Mickee's lunch treat.

He made our tummy perfectly content on a Monday, his actual natal day, and we bought him his cake on a Tuesday, the financier was absent so there was a minor setback, hehe.

Mango Chantilly Cake from Goldilocks
Three viands - Lumpiang Shanghai, Pickled Pork and Liver and Chicken Feet Asado, one noodle dish - Pancit Canton and the ever-present Yang Chow Fried Rice were more than enough to feed us to near ecstasy.  As usual Tita Fely showcased her awesome cooking skills, ala masterchef *grins*!

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Chicken Feet Asado
Pickled Pork and Liver
Pancit Canton
Lumpiang Shanghai
few were gathered for the photo op - PIO (almost-half) Team
Pansin nyo puro Chinese origin ung handa, Chinese kasi ang celebrant eh, hehe.  Shengri Kuaile Mickee!

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