Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend Lunch at Karate Kid

One downside of being a working mom is you don't get to spend as much time as you like with your kid and sometimes the guilt of wanting to do something that you can't do slow and bring you down, then you look for ways to make it up to your kid, you know, to ease your conscience a bit.  And, seriously, seeing your kid happy just makes all the uneasiness go away, it feels like you're doing something right... every time!

We went to the mall a few weeks ago, to let Kuya E unwind, it has been home-school-home for him since the school year began and, truthfully, I just wanna see my son relaxed and happy, like problems in the world doesn't exist *smiles*.

Chicken Teriyaki Meal

We had lunch at Karate Kid, as E is super obsess with Teriyaki at present, the moment he spotted the word teriyaki on the giant menu outside the establishment, there was no turning back *grins*.

Potato Balls w/ Mustard Dip
 Kuya E ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Meal with 7up (canned softdrinks) as his beverage choice and some Potato Balls, as he, also, newly-acquired his love of potatoes.

Porkchop Sumo Meal 
 His dad ordered their Porkchop Sumo Meal (huge but thin slice of breaded porkchop with veggie side dish and unlimited rice).  I opted for their milk tea which I ordered late, making me too lazy to pick the camera again to take some pictures.

E enjoying his weekend lunch out
 Verdict?  Father and son both finished what they had, not to mention their love of rice, so it must be good!

Karate Kid
Upper Ground Floor, SM City San Lazaro
Sta. Cruz, Manila


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