Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cravings: Broas, Otap and Apas

I had been craving for Broas, for a very, very long time, I even asked a co-worker who hailed from Quezon when she'll be visiting her hometown and if ever she did, will she please, please buy me a big can of Broas and I'll pay her the moment I get what I wanted, sadly, she haven't gotten into doing any balik-probinsya gig yet *tongue out*.

Good thing, street peddlers (I'm not even sure if I can call the manong tindero as such as he came all the way from Quezon *conflicted*)  are a-plenty here in my work place, I got to have my broas and eat it too.  Plus, I also got to buy some Otap and Apas, all from a very well known local bakeshop in Quezon - Sevilla's Bakery!  Ooh, luck is really on my side *smiles*.

Baby A is dancing to 'Getting Jiggy with It' inside my tummy, that's how happy we are *grins*.


Sevilla's Bakery
Lutucan, Sariaya, Quezon
(042) 525-6428

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