Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lunch at Sisig King

We went out a weekend or two ago in search of on-sale Dakki pillows, we were able to reach that line of business establishments at Victory Liner Compound, as instructed by a reliable source, hehe.  We were able to buy some necessary stuff and some for stock, ready for that out-of-the-blue birthday / baptismal / any celebration invites... it was value for our hard-earned money.

As I was craving for some shawarma, we went and visit the nearby Victory Mall in the hopes of finding a stall or a kiosk selling shawarma and the likes, and we winged it, I bought two rolls - their house specialty (beef shawarma with all sorts of add-ons) and the all-meat (beef) variation.

After that, it was time to visit that new and inviting food establishment that we had spotted while walking around the compound, Sisig King, I was not in the mood for sisig but as hubby was with me, I know someone will sample what the place has to offer in my place *grins*.

Sisig King - Hari ng Anghang
Hubby ordered Sisig Rice Combo, which you have a number to choose from, hubby opted for their pork sisig and vegetable roll (lumpia) and Sisig Pansit, priced at 89 and 50 pesos, respectively.  Affordable enough for the common people like us, right?

Sisig Rice Combo
Sisig Pansit
Verdict?  I had a bite of both, the pork sisig I like; the vegetable roll is too oily like it was drench and left in a not-so-hot cooking oil for a while; the pansit bihon (noodles) per se tasted like rubber, whole dish would have been passable if not for that.  I would like to think that I might had just chanced upon a bad serving / batch, so I won't give a recommendation until I had the chance for a revisit.  For now, let's just say that the term Sisig King is still doubtful but not entirely out of their hands, I like their sisig so maybe they should just stick to that.

King Sisig 
OK Plaza, Victory Liner Cmpd.
Samson Road, Caloocan City

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