Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tatay Ilyo's 60th!

My one and only (ehem!) father-in-law celebrated his 60th birthday last May 31st and his children with a little help from his relatives and friends threw him a surprise birthday swimming party.

Photos below was the buffet lovingly cooked by Dete Irene and financed by Imelda, kudos to the both of them!

Happy looking / salivating *grins*.

Lechon Ulo by Mang Ruping's
Apple and cheese slices were added to make it a bit more food porn-worthy, hehe.  Truth:  the accompanying apple wouldn't fit the roasted pig's mouth, nagka-crack 'yong mukha nya kapag pinipilit namin ibuka kaya sliced apple na lang ang nangyari, hehe.

Nanay's Pancit Malabon
Pangpahaba ng buhay courtesy of Antonette and her boyfriend, sorry I forgot his name, I don't think I was listening when he was introduced to hubby, no offense meant though, I just have a really, really short attention span *chuckles*. 

Aling Norma's Pancit Malabon
Another pangpahaba ng buhay, this time courtesy of Sharon and family (father-in-law's close friends). 

Pancit Bihon 
Duck Fried Rice
Roasted Duck
The roasted duck and fried rice was prepared and cooked by another family friend residing in Malabon, I wasn't able to meet him/her as s/he didn't physically attend the affair.  I never care with roasted duck and ducks (dishes) in general but his/her Duck Fried Rice is to die for, I super love that dish!  My favorit-est of them all!

Lumpiang Shanghai
Financed, prepared and cooked by Tita Esie (FIL's sister), yup, all by herself, everyone were busy doing their own thing, no one bother to help her cook, not even to stir in her behalf, haha.

Beef Mechado
Pork and Chicken Adobo w/hard-boiled Eggs
Lumpiang Ubod 
Two kinds of fresh lumpia were brought by Ninong Boy (one of FIL's bestfriend), I have no idea whether it was homemade or bought somewhere, I didn't dare to ask but I dared to be the first one to get a serving (when it was time to eat), hehe. 

Inihaw na Baboy (grilled pork)
Syempre, mawawala ba naman ang mga pica-pica para papakin at pampawala ng gutom bago ang lunch at ang pinakamahalaga sa pananaw ng mga tomador - pulutan.  Syempre hindi, the list starts from top *smiles*.

Grilled Hotdogs
Fried (bite-sized) Cheesedogs
And, of course, desserts - a meal, a get-together, a party can never be complete without my beloved desserts.

Yema Cassava
I ordered the kakanin (photos above) from a co-worker's cousin-in-law, Ate Bekbek, and it's worth every penny.  Sarap!

the birthday cake 
And last but not the least, birthday cake and ice cream, no party can be called legit without cake and ice cream, right?

Sorbetes (dirty ice cream)
Cheese and Chocolate flavors
slab of meat of the grill 
One of those dishes that weren't able to make it to their photo op schedules, tsk, tsk... kawawang mga pagkain, wala man lang remembrance.

jump shot
To cap it off and to prove that it was a swimming party, a jump shot from E and M.

I know it's pretty late and all, still, a happy, happy birthday Tatay Ilyo! More years and chicks to come *grins*.

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