Friday, August 29, 2014

Late Lunch at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Lunch happened several months ago, so yeah, this is a super late post *grins*.

According to their FB account, The Vanilla Cupcake Bakery (VCB) is Manila's cupcake wonderland, which I couldn't help but agree with.  VCB is taking the metro by storm, with their funky and girly interiors, good food and convenient locations.

The last I met with my chinggus, I talked them into having lunch at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, they were able to sample the cupcakes and smoothies with a prior visit, which I missed and envied, so they had no choice but to indulge me, hur!  I wasn't able to try any of their cupcakes, so I'm still not a part of the VCB cupcake craze and I'm still waiting for the day when I'll be.

table setting
Though we went there for lunch, I couldn't help but order from their All Day Breakfast choices, I had the Garlic Beef Tapa - imported marinated beef with garlic rice, two eggs and dipping sauces - priced at 245 pesos.  

Garlic Beef Tapa
I partnered my lunch with Pink Strawberry Smoothie, priced at 120 pesos, of which I instantly fell in love with.

Pink Strawberry 
Papercrane opted for Country Breakfast - Home fries, Hungarian sausage and scrambled eggs with toasted wheat bread - priced at 195 pesos, also under their All Day Breakfast menu.

Country Breakfast
She had Triple Chocolate Madness Frappe, carrying a 135 pesos price tag, as her preferred drink.

Triple Chocolate Madness
Lloydie picked out something from their Sandwiches menu, Tuna Cheese Melt, served with fries and catsup, and, just like that, it cost her 195 pesos.  Pretty hefty for a simple sandwich, if you'll ask me *tongue out*.

Tuna Cheese Melt
She partnered it with Dirty Mocha, under their cold coffee menu, priced at 120 pesos.

Dirty Mocha
The price might seem a bit intimidating at first but if you come to think about it, with the posh-ness and princess-like air they let you experience for a while, it's worth it.  Just think of it as a reward for all the stresses the world is throwing at you *smiles*.

pretty little utensils
VCB - Trinoma interiors
wall paper and decors
a settee for the queen *grins*
Another visit is in order, maybe in three to four months, after Baby A comes.  I would love to try their cupcakes, cookies, muffins and Strawberry Milkshake *drooling*.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery
2/F, Trinoma 
North Ave. cor. Mindanao Ave.
Sto. Cristo, Quezon City


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