Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Holiday is Bulalo Day!

We spent our holiday (Ninoy Aquino Day) last week working in the office instead of relaxing at home, and to give ourselves a little perk me up in the afternoon, we decided on trooping down to one of those bulalo places in C4 Road.

The place we went to, which has no identification whatsoever and as I'm too shy to ask will remain unknown to us, offers not just bulalo but other kinds of viands as well, let's just say that they are just more known for their bulalo.  If you're there for the bulalo, you actually have two choices - a regular-sized one (single serving)  priced at 65 pesos or the large bowl (group serving) priced at 130 pesos.

Bulalo (large)
Beef Bulalo
As we were a group of four (girls), we opted for their large serving and shared it among ourselves, with an order of rice and extra bowls of soup each, we were full even without the additional softdrinks (my eating buddies had Sprite while I had my ever-present drinking bud - water).

Bulalo time!

Another bowl, another time.

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