Friday, August 22, 2014

Announcement at CrisTea

Prof and I met again after a thousand years, we were both busy as career women (choz!), wife and mothers so the time to spare for some leisurely food tripping and bonding were nil to none.  But because I have a super big revelation / announcement to tell her, and I want her to know first before the whole world begin to notice, I persuaded and pushed for our meet-up to finally happen.

We decided on trying out CrisTea, a new and hip tea shop and cafe here in Navotas City, it doesn't boast of size as it is minute but for people like us who prefer to hang-out in cozy and subdued locations, it is a place to be.

Peggy Waffle
We started our food trippin' expedition with an order of Peach Graham Cake, which is a winner! Prof like it so much she almost finished it by herself, partida yun, she had just recovered from her tonsilitis, hehe.  After I give birth, and hopefully cured of all gestational diabetes traces, I will, absolutely come back to have myself a tray of this sweet treat.

Peach Graham Cake
Our choice of drinks that night were Wintermelon Milk Tea and Avocado Smoothie, I would have love to try any of their Frappe choices but as I am forbidden to have any caffeinated drinks, coffee and tea, I had to settle for some fruit smoothie, not that I'm complaining, I love avocado and their smoothie was okay.  I forgot to ask Prof about her drink so I have no idea what's her verdict on their milk tea.

Milk Tea and Smoothie
Wintermelon Milk Tea
Avocado Smoothie
I had an order of Shawarma and Carbonara for my main meal, hahaha, what can I say, pregnant women needs to eat a lot, and I mean a lot *tongue out*, while Prof had an order of Baked Lasagna, which I also had a taste of *grins*.  Shawarma was under their sandwiches offering while the carbonara and baked lasagna were, obviously, under their pasta menu.  Their Shawarma was okay, I would have preferred slices of meat rather than ground beef but for 50 pesos, I say it is a steal.  The Carbonara was passable but it was a bit dry for my taste, sorry CrisTea owners and staff, I'm just a carbonara aficionado and I like mine creamy and sloppy when I eat it... I finished my plate though, I was that hungry *smiles*.  The Baked Lasagna was big in size and okay in taste, it could have been creamier and meatier but hey for 70 pesos what more can you ask for.


Baked Lasagna
We had French Fries with toppings and Peggy Waffle (photo on top) as our additional orders, I think the serving of fries was too little for its price, we had bigger ones with lesser price tags, I'm just saying *smiles*.  Their Peggy Waffle is nice, it looks pretty, its name was catchy (we were curious that's why we order it, hehe) and it tasted okay, it's your normal waffle with cream cheese filling (I think) topped with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup and chocolate bits, it was also served hot out of the oven (or waffle maker, hur!) giving it an extra point in my book.

French Fries w/ Toppings
CrisTea is a new discovery which I am sure we will frequent, just give me a few months, I need to pop my baby out first, hurhur.  A cool place with polite and nice staff, even the owner was cool, at least I think the one who talked to us is the owner, hehe, they serve good and affordable food and their location is within my given kilometer radius, haha.  So, they better count me in as a regular *smiles*.

Syempre, before I end my post, a photo op with Prof, kami pa!

namamaga na ilong ko, hehe

1348 M. Naval St., San Roque
Navotas City


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  1. Wow that looks like a banquet! Congratulations on your pregnancy, I hope all goes well for you.
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