Monday, August 18, 2014

Pizza, Anyone?

Simple and inexpensive pizzerias are popping out in all corners of the metro, I actually featured a few already, if you care to know, haha.  If you'll ask me, these take-out pizza places should not be considered new anymore, remember pizza stop, the pizza we all love to munch on when we were young?  I remember begging my nanay to buy us a box for merienda a few times a week, it was also Kuya's (uncle) favorite take-home surprise and snack while walking around (sa divisoria madalas, haha) for us kids, and how can I forget, if we behave in church, we'll have a box of pizza stop to bring home and share, fun childhood memories.

The last I check, there are still two pizza brands that I can sample around our area (alone) aside from Angelinah's Pizza, I tried this one first as it was nearest and the easiest to go to *grins*.

Angelinah's Pizza 
Angelinah's has five flavors to offer - Ham and Cheese, Hawaiian Delight, Pepperoni, Bacon and Hotdog with prices ranging from 59 pesos, their cheapest, to 79 pesos, their most expensive.  We tried their Ham & Cheese and Pepperoni variants, my son like his pizza simple and without much fuss, it was okay, pamatay gutom na rin.  The crust / dough tasted good but it didn't reach my desired toast-y level, the toppings were the same as the usual toppings you'll see and taste in these kinds of pizza.

Ham and Cheese
Verdict? You'll see me buying another box, maybe another flavor someday soon *smiles*.

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