Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Date w/ my Baby Love

Kuya E and I had a date a few days ago, after he went with me to my OB-GYN, the same person who did the CS procedure when he was born.  I decided to bring him to Meat'in Place as he haven't visited the place yet and, mainly, because I am on a tight budget and when Kuya E eats, he eats *grins*!

Pork Tonkatsu
I ordered Pork Tonkatsu, Pork BBQ meal, Siomai Rice meal and Cheeseburger with a pitcher of Red Iced Tea.  Can you guess which of these I had?

Pork BBQ w/ Spicy Rice and Atchara
Siomai w/ Garlic Rice
Cheeseburger w/ Fries
Red Iced Tea
I was, fortunately, able to have the Cheeseburger all to myself, the fries I can't say the same, haha.  Kuya E had the Pork Tonkatsu meal, the Pork BBQ meal and Siomai meal all to himself, add 4 complimentary bowls of egg drop soup and a few glasses of Red Iced Tea and you've got his complete meal list  *lol*.

Meat'in Place (inside facade)
Spooky Halloween!
This is the first time (ever) that I had opted to stay inside the establishment and not dine al fresco, I was with my son so a different environment seems appropriate, hehe.  And lookie, lookie, they're all ready for Halloween.  I heard they'll be giving treats today *smiles*.

me and my baby love
Syempre, a photo op to remember the day - Kuya E, my first (baby) love and the 35 weeks pregnant me, don't I look pretty *lol*?

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