Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pay Day Lunch Out

A day after I celebrated my birthday with some friends at work, we decided on eating out again as it was payday, we decided on having our Wednesday lunch at Phetron Restaurant at Brgy. NBBS, a popular casual dining spot in the city, actually, it's more like an upgrade version of a carinderia with servers and guard, a VIP section and function halls.  It was even featured in's Where to Eat in Camanava article.

I was craving for some bulalo so we ordered a bowl of their Beef Bulalo plus a serving  of Kare-Kare to be shared by the four of us.  Between you and me *whispering*, we had 8 orders of rice to go with our Bulalo and Kare-Kare, hahaha.

Nope, it's not me, I'm strict with my carbo intake even when I dine out, but I shall not name the ones who eat the most, hurhur!

Beef Bulalo
The bulalo was so good, I would love to come back and have another bowl all to myself, maybe when I'm allowed to do just that, again, hehe.  The Kare-Kare was okay, it was actually good, but you won't see stars in my eyes, hehe.

I had a can of pineapple juice as my drink as I forgot to bring a bottle of water, I just put a lot of ice to dilute it *grins*.

Phetron Restaurant menu, if you can base the number of clientele of this place on the wear and tear this laminated menu had to undergo, I'll say they have quite a number, hehe.

Syempre, it won't be complete without a groupie *smiles*.

from left to right: Elsa, Mader Adela, me, Ressy
Next payday, let's head to...

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