Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Office Lunch

We had a potluck lunch at our office last Friday, it was my birthday week, so let's just all pretend that I treat them to lunch, hahaha.

We had Lechon Kawali as our viand with sukang may bawang and two variants of Mang Tomas sauce (spicy and regular) for our dip, and a whole lot of white steaming rice, as in cholesterol kung cholesterol, putok batok kung putok batok, hahaha!  

Lechon Kawali
Our viand was made with love (or not, hehe) by Kuya Josel's relatives, his mother-in-law have this well-known eatery in their area so kuya just have to make some lambing and request and voila, we have ulam na *grins*.

Dolor's Kakanin 
For my share, I asked a co-worker to buy a bilao of 10-inch Dolor's Kakanin, which I read in a website will fed 10 - 12 persons and is priced at 220 pesos.  I gave her the money and expected a kakanin-binging activity when she returned, but alas, it wasn't meant to be, because the pricelist I read was super outdated.  All she was able to buy was a small plate of kakanin (photo above), which we had to share and be content with, hahaha.

Watermelon and Papaya Slices
 Fruits courtesy of Ressy, bought in the nearby Savemore and eaten even before lunch started, haha.

the PIO team with our resident ampon
(from left to right: Kuya Josel, Vic, Ressy, me and baby A, Elsa, Mickee, Kuya Manny & Kuya Errol)
Kamayan na!

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