Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cravings: Roasted Chicken Part 2

Part 2 *smiles*, told you there's more to come, hurhur! 

Kevin Roasters Roasted Chicken
Kevin Roasters version of Lechon Manok would cost you more than 200 pesos, it comes with a cup of gravy and you'll be limited to one additional cup for 10 pesos, in case you wanna have some more gravy to dip your chicken with.

Exodus Roasted Chicken
One of my favorite as it is a local brand, I mean I haven't found any Exodus Lechon Manok anywhere else, only in Brgy. Tangos and I tend to be patriotic from time to time, hahaha.  Kidding aside, with its price - for a peso less than 200, its quality, and its proximity to our crib, what more can I ask for?

Chooks to Go
Their roasted chicken cost less than 200 pesos but its size tend to be smaller than our usual buy, it doesn't come with a gravy which I think is fully justified as their Lechon Manok doesn't need any, it is tasty on its own.

Want more roasted chicken choices?

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