Friday, November 21, 2014

Birthday Celeb at Tea & Co.

Third and last! Syempre with my eating buddy and food tripping cohort - prof *smiles*.  

We were supposed to try Tea Pop around the C4 Road area but as we came, we saw bunches of kids plopped and seated all over the place and because we're snobs we decided on the contrary.  I kid though, we're not snobs, we never were and never will be, we just like to live in our own little bubble we consider our world *sniggers*.  So off we went to another milk tea joint, the Bistro Kakamberta Tea and Co. (it is located beside Bistro Kakamberta and owned & operated by the same entrepreneur hence the name), we took a peek and saw that only one table was occupied, so it was an easy choice.

And as it turned out, it was a rather good choice, Tea and Co. patrons can order anything they like in Bistro Kakamberta's menu without the hassle of hobnobbing with the drinking crowd, a perfect plot for the likes of us, you know, the 'I don't like people' type *smirks*.

California Maki
We start our night with an order of tea, I had their Matcha Tea Leaves (cold) with zero sugar and egg pudding (I would have preferred it sweeter but as I am trying to control my GDM, I can't.  It was better than nothing though *grins*).

Cold Matcha Tea 
And an order of their Vigan Longganisa meal, they didn't have that much to offer per se so it was a good thing that they have that 'order in the bistro beside the cafe service' *grins*.  I want something filling without being carbo-loaded, so the protein from the longganisa and egg was  fully embraced by me *lol*.  

Vigan Longganisa (a gourmet version of longsilog, hehe)
Prof opted for their Butterscotch Milk Tea with full sugar and egg pudding, how I envy her, haha.  Missing my sweets... so badly *sad face*.

Butterscotch Milk Tea
She had it with a plate of  Oglio Pasta, which I had a taste of and like, I even wanted to try their other pasta offerings just to make sure it wasn't a lucky mix *grins*.  I can't though and Prof was such a stickler for rules, no to carbo, she knows and I have no choice but to oblige.

Oglio Pasta
When we finished our respective orders, both shared by the way, we still have lots of chika and kwento left so we asked the friendly staff what else they can offer, she kindly pitched us their nachos, but we're not in the mood for nachos that night so we pressed her for more.  Fortunately for us, she decided she had enough and told us we can order anything from the Bistro Kakamberta menu as long as we're willing to wait and handed as a printed menu.

Kani Salad
Prof was dying for some Japanese food and she was quite elated to find a list to choose from right there and then, we decided on trying their Kani Salad and California Maki.  Both were good, prof even told me she had her husband order the same for take out twice already.  Yes, I'm late posting, as usual, hurhur!

California Maki
For a little less than 900 pesos, I say we had a food-filled night.  Happy burp-day to me!

Bistro Kakamberta Tea & Co.
C4 Road corner M. Naval St.
Navotas City

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