Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Remembering Vicencio's

Vicencio's for me equates high school food trips, this establishment used to be our go-to place when we were still wearing those green and cream uniforms of San Jose Academy.  Aside from making delish breads, pizzas, pastries and other sweets, Vicencio's also house PX goodies like Pringles, Kisses, etc. which during those times were luxuries to us common people, hurhur!

Sadly though, change of times hadn't been good to it, the place isn't what it used to be, its former glory gone.  I always passed by the store on my way to work and home but I rarely see it open, and when it opens, all you can find on its remaining shelves were sliced loaves of breads.  So imagine my glee when I chanced upon it on the eve of All Saint's Day, all stocked up with goodies from my high school heydays.

And I asked, ang matandang Vicencio pa din ang nagbi-bake ng mga tinapay nila, hindi nga lang madalas at madami kasi wala sya katulong.  Sayang, Vicencio's could have been Navotas' very own Concepcion Bakery (oldest bakery in Malabon City).

pastries galore, busog lusog!

I so wanted to have a taste of their pizza, the simple and no frills kind that I used to enjoy as a teen but he (Mr. Vicencio) wasn't keen on making any, hindi na daw kasi ganun kabili baka masayang lang *sad face*.  So, I ordered what's in stock, magiging choosy pa ba ko eh minsan ko lang matyempuhan ito, hehe.

Custard Cake (Bread)
Reactangle Mamon :p
Pianono and Custard cake both sells for 17 pesos while the rectangular Mamon sells for 10 pesos.  Sana lagi na lang bukas ang Vicencio's para masaya, hehe.

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