Friday, November 14, 2014

Birthday Celebration with the PIO Girls

I celebrated my --th birthday the mid of last month and instead of the usual office celebration, I decided on just treating the girls (female co-workers) out.  I decided on bringing the girls to Meat'in Place so they can sample some of their fare and experience that garden vibe that I so love about that place.

Photo below was my complimentary birthday cake from the abovementioned dining establishment.  Ain't it cute?

little piggy birthday cake
We had a full table -  with 6 persons, 10 dishes, 2 pitchers of drinks, unlimited soup and complimentary cake, a birthday celebrant couldn't have asked for more *smiles*.

Below were the list of gastronomic delights that we had sampled, scroll down and be envious people, hehe.

menu and order form
free and unlimited soup
Shark's Fin
Sizzling Beef Tenderloin
(Elsa's order)
Lechon Kawali
(Kakay and Yang's order)
Spicy Buffalo Wings
(Ressy's order)
Cajun Chicken
(Mader's order, her first choice wasn't available)
Sizzling Porksteak
(my order, my first choice wasn't available)
Korean Noodles
Orange Juice and Iced Tea
my birthday cake
(ready to blow the candle)
Meat'in Place garden
class picture, haha
ready to fight :)
happiness giveaway
Those without captions indicating who ordered it, were shared unequally among us six, haha.  Everything was good, except for their Spicy Buffalo Wings, really not the kind of Buffalo Wings that I expect and prefer, no biggie though, I still love the place and their food *smiles*.

Tsk, now I wanna go to Meat'in Place and eat some Tuna Rolls *sad face*.

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