Monday, November 10, 2014

Family Celebration

I celebrated my --th birthday last month and I happened to celebrate it thrice with different people - family, friends and co-workers.  The first one happened on my natal day, spot on, hehe.  My family and I shared a simple thanksgiving dinner *smiles*, oh and I received my gift early, active, little Baby A on my tummy.

my birthday cake
Sweets aren't allowed but as it is my birthday, a cake is in order, I wasn't allowed to touch it though, they just let me blow a single candle to have my wish.  Pwede na rin, hehe.

Hubby bought one whole fried chicken from one of those street kiosk in our area, in case Kuya E wasn't full enough and wants to eat rice.  Our main dishes were Longganisa Pasta, cooked by yours truly and two boxes of family-sized pizza from Pizza Hut.

And because I am so loved, a cousin sent a bilao of Pancit Malabon Express' Pancit Puti, thanks so much Sharrabeth *hugs*.

Fried Chicken
Pasta Longganisa
back to their old box?
Pepperoni Pizza
Flavors of the World
German Franks Pizza
Pizza Hut Hot Deals
yes, i'm pimping their brand name, hehe
Pancit Malabon Express
Pansit Puti (super filling and affordable, you should all try it :D)
A happy burp-day, indeed *grins*.

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