Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Granny Saturday!

Several weeks ago, our family joined the whole world in the celebration of Grandparents Day, in our case, it was grandmother's day as tatay wasn't home to celebrate with us, he was sent out-of-town for work.  My younger bro was also at work, leaving me, hubby and kuya E the task of recognizing nanay as a true blue grandparent, naisip ko lang si Kuya E pala talaga dapat mag-effort kasi nag-iisa lang naman s'yang apo, hehe.

Pancit Luglog
We didn't have the time and the money, haha, to do it elaborately and I know how my nanay ride, she wants everything as simple as it can be, so we're all good *grins*.

Puto w/grated cheeses (3 flavors)
We had Pancit Luglog from Vangie's, Puto bought from one of those puto stalls in Malabon Public Market, Peachy-Peachy from Milflores and Cochinta w/ Yema dip bought from a known street peddler (she sells homemade goodies) in the area.

Peachy-Peachy w/grated cheese
Cochinta w/yema dip
A simple but filling merienda.  We had a happy grandparent on our midst that day, hehe.

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