Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Pre-Long Weekend Bonding at Cafe Vittoria

We discovered Cafe Vittoria through this tarpaulin hanging in one of those household gates near my place of work, I did some online search and asked around until I finally located the said establishment.  After that I cajoled a bunch of co-workers to try it out, now,  here I am writing a blog post about it *grins*.

Cafe Vittoria is located at P. Gabriel St., Sipac-Almacen, it offers an al fresco dining experience and an assortment of cuisine Filipinos love.  I think they were just on their soft opening when we visited so they don't have a lot to offer yet *wink*.  What they lack in food choices, they made up in customer service.  So, coming back when they have a full menu is definite and a must.

Fish Lumpia Meal
We sampled their Fish Lumpia, as it was the Holy Week and it was recommended by the staff, said to be their bestseller.  It cost less than fifty pesos, I don't remember how much exactly but I promise you it'll fit your budget.  The verdict?  I'm not exactly a fish-eater so I'm a bit biased here, okay, a lot biased, so I'll just hold judgment, hurhur!

Pansit Bihon
For less than twenty pesos, their Pansit Bihon is a steal.  It was good enough for my palette with just a small downside, it was served cold, it would have meant the world if it was heated up first.

Avocado Graham Shake
It was my first time trying an Avocado-Graham Shake and I instantly fell in love with it.  First, I love avocados, second, when the fruit-graham shake phenomenon came, I was forbidden to have any sweets so the instant fondness may root from there *lol*, third, for less than thirty pesos, who won't fall?

Mango Graham Shake
It's Mango-Graham Shake, need I say more?  Okay, a one-liner I suppose.  Its love in a glass.

It's your usual Halo-Halo served with a twist... in a beer mug *lol*.  Who could resist?

Beauties from left to right: Mader Adela, Rhesy, moi, Elsa
Girls in red photo op *smiles*.  Missing our food tripping days *sad face*.  Let's schedule one soon, okay!

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