Saturday, August 1, 2015

Then There's Staycee's...

Note:  All photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy Y

Whoever said that General Luna St. in Malabon City is the counterpart of Maginhawa St. in Quezon City is probably right but food delights in the city aren't exclusively found along that street, we chanced upon one in Manapat St. and I am super glad we did.

Staycee's is a minute place offering tea and coffee, cakes, pasta, rice meals and other pica-picas (finger foods).  It doesn't have a blaring signage that will instantly point you to the premises but as it is located at the back of Jollibee - Malabon, it would be hard to miss.

I together with a couple of friends went there one afternoon (we sort of skipped work for a few hours, hurhur) to try their frappe bestsellers and other goodies in their menu.  Fact, the term chanced upon may not be completely true as I sort of stalked it in Facebook for a time before we finally decided to give it a try.

Photo on top is their own version of Lasagna, you would have to shell a hundred and fifty pesos (Php150.00) to have a dig at this cheesy delight.  I just had a bite, it wasn't my order to begin with and my attention was sort of occupied by the Mango Oreo Cheesecake *tongue out* so I'll hold my verdict until another try.

Pizza Roll
We also had their Pizza Roll, have you heard of Monte Cristo, it's an American diner staple snack, or Soshiwong, used to be a famous street snack here in the metro, well the Pizza Roll is sort of those two put together and served prettily.  It actually taste the way it was named, a fried rolled pizza minus the hassles of unnecessary toppings.  For seventy pesos (Php70.00), what more can you ask for?

Mango Oreo Cheesecake
It captured my eyes and I was blinded with love.  Well, that's how I felt about their Mango Oreo Cheesecake, you may feel the same or you could post a boo, you can have your way with it at one hundred fifty bucks (Php150.00).

Then came their bestsellers... It was food porn in real, hurhur!  And for one hundred and twenty pesos (Php120.00) it could be yours to ravish *grins*.

Staycee's Vanilla Frappe
Staycee's Dark Chocolate Frappe
Staycee's Strawberry Frappe
The presentation of their bestseller frappe was a delight.  My food blogger's heart instantaneously fell in love.  I had a sip of Vanilla and Dark Chocolate (respective orders of Kuya Josel and Rhesy), I like the latter better, mine was the Strawberry variant, I was hoping for some Matcha lovin' but unfortunately they were out of stock.  The taste was okay, you won't hear me rave about it but I'll have a go with it again anytime, I may just ask them to be a bit careful with whipped cream, it sort of overpowered everything.

groupie: Ressy, me and Kuya Josel
Of course, a groupie to remember the day *smiles*.  Good food, good friends, good times!

Staycee's Cakes-Pasta-Tea House
Manapat St, Malabon City

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