Monday, January 31, 2011

Pista sa Amin

Last Sunday, January 30, marked the yearly celebration of the feast of San Roque in our community and as per tradition, we had some food on our table, ready for a few or several visitors who may drop by our door. We don't have much as we don't expect any groups in particular but we had enough to feed a bunch.

You can even tell from our spread where we hail from, seafood equals Navotas, baby *grins*. And believe it or not most, if not all, of our visitors tends to expect lots of seafoods when they come to visit. So, we just gave them what they wanted...

Food, glorious food, clockwise from top to bottom: meatballs with ketchup dip, embutido, bite-sized fish fillets, rice, beef with mushroom in cream sauce, chopseuy, inihaw na bangus (grilled milkfish).

More food to share, clockwise from top to bottom: embutido, bite-sized fish fillets, adobong pusit, steamed fish with mayo dressing, relyenong pusit (meat-stuffed squid), rice.

I also cooked a pasta recipe and experimented on a graham cracker-based desert (not on photos), I'll share the recipe soon.

Have a pleasant week everyone!

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