Thursday, March 13, 2014

Korean Noodles

This brand of ramen (pronounced as ramyun) was one of the first few products that my cousin had sent me when she learned of my Korean obsession, and it has become a favorite, not only because this is the brand that she usually send my way and I sort of grew accustomed to its taste but, mainly, because I love how its flavor compliment the instant noodles, it's not overpowering like some brand that I tried and you know me, I don't like my food to be too seafood-y (I invented the term just so I can explain what I'm trying to say my own way, hahaha).

After saying all that stuff, I, regretfully, inform everyone that I still can't read Hangul, hence, I am still clueless on how to say/pronounced its name *sigh*.  If anyone who knew how happened to read this, can you please leave a comment and teach me, that would be so awesome *smiles*.

But there's one thing I know, which I personally think is the most important afterall, it is deliciously good, it may look plain and all but you know how looks can be deceiving sometimes right?  

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