Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Office Date 101

One of Prof and I's regular food tripping, this happened a few months ago, I sort of lost the photos in a file of other photos, hehe.  Anyway, I just found it *lol*!

This was one of those moments when we really, really wanna see each other but we don't have that much time to spare so we had to make do with a simple office date.

We decided on having some pizza and milk tea, more than DesTeany being the most accessible none-mainstream food establishment in my work location, we were just addicted to milk tea at that time so anything tagged as milk tea we went after *lol*.

Prof ordered (and paid for, hahaha) a large (but not really, hehe) house-specialty pizza, I think it cost 120 - 150 pesos.  I still think it was a tad small for its prize but as it made up big time on the taste department, I have no qualms in having a box again... and again *grins*.  If you live in the area or happen to pass it by, do give their pizza a try, you'll never know, it might just be the kind of pizza you're looking for.

I had a tall order of Wintermelon Milk Tea while Prof had Strawberry Milk Tea of the same size.

Shall we give a dine-in experience at DesTeany a try, one of this days Profie?

A. Santiago St., Sipac-Almacen
Navotas City

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