Monday, March 17, 2014


I discovered recently that a strip of 'bulaluhan' (eateries serving / specializing in Bulalo) can be found at C4 Road, Navotas City and here I thought only Tagaytay City is famous for bulalo (beef shank soup).  So, the ever-curious me, at least in terms of food sampling, together with two co-city hall slaves trudged the area and order ourselves a big bowl of steaming bulalo last Saturday.

The place had no signage and I was too shy to ask the proprietor of the eatery we went to what the establishment's name is, I ask around and all I got was C4 Bulaluhan *tongue out* pwede na yan, for the meantime, hahaha.

oily and yummy
Bulalo is one of those Filipino comfort food that we grew up with, it is commonly described as a stew or clear broth made from beef shanks and bone marrow mixed with  chopped corn on cobs, peppercorn, petchay, bokchoy or any kind of cabbage and scallions or spring onions.  It is best paired with steaming white rice and dipped in patis (fish sauce) with siling labuyo (chili) and calamansi.

calamansi and chili
A large bowl of bulalo (like the one we had) cost 130 pesos and is best shared with friends.  A voracious bulalo eater might be able to consume a large bowl but as it is a calorie and cholesterol-laden dish, I still suggest moderation.

next time, let's have our pic taken by one of the servers :p
One of the best dates ever, I borrowed the line from Chichay and Joaquin *wink*.

Bulalo sa C4
C4 Road, Navotas City
(directly in front of Navotas City Bus Terminal)

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