Saturday, March 15, 2014

Taters Snack League

Every time we (fam and I, friends and I, anyone and I *grins*) go to the movies and buy snacks at Taters, I would always tell myself that I'll blog about the place but as you may have notice, it has been years and no blog post about Taters Snack League ever floated in this site, well, we can blame it on my being lazy or my attention deficiency syndrome or any other reason you and I can come up with *grins* but for the record, if there's one place / brand that I am ever-willing to blog about, it is Taters.

Taters claim to fame is that they are the only branded entertainment fast-food in the country today.  Gone were the days of old and limited choices of to-go snacks that we can nibble on while we seat and watch a movie, they came and provided us vast and yummy options, a sure-fire way to conquer every, even the nit-picky, consumers' hearts (and stomachs).

Photo above is our (son and I) favorite movie munch ons - Sour cream-flavored fries and Cheese-flavored popcorn together with huge servings of soda.

I wanna try their sandwiches but I don't really like eating real and heavy food when I watch a movie, so the only viable solution that I can see is - I should sit in one of their small, red, round table and black chair, order a couple of goodies that I've been eyeing for a while and enjoy without the hassle of low light, busy eyes and confined space.  Great plan, isn't it?

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