Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pringles Overload

I think I've mentioned, at least once, in my previous posts that UTI happened to conquer my aging body *grins* meaning I was prohibited from eating salty junk foods, my favorite type of food of all times *tongue out*, so imagine my woes *grins*.

Anyway, the minute I got better, these *pointing below* immediately came into the picture.

Pringles is one of the most common munchies (snack, appetizer, after-dinner salty pop-in-the mouth sort of stuff) in any household, I grew up eating three of its older variants - Cheese, Sour and Cream and Original.  The abovementioned flavors are regularly available and can be spotted in almost any groceries, supermarkets, corner stores, etc. so when a co-employee offered a few unusual flavors, I didn't hesitate to grab a few, though her price is a bit stiff for a low-earner like me.  See, not all the best things in life are free *grins*.

Loaded Baked Potato
Talagang sa buhay mas masarap ang bawal eh! Hahaha!

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