Thursday, March 20, 2014

Popping Some Kettle Korn

After the pain, comes the glory.  So, after I medicated and ate almost nothing to get rid of my pesky UTI, I immediately took the plunge and have a feast of all the prohibited stuff, afterall, my doctor-tita said I could but in moderation.  We only live once, we should live it fully *lol*!

Kettle Korn is the leading pop corn brand in the country today, and you can quote me on that.  They came out in the market several years back and conquered the hearts of the Pinoy popcorn-eating public *lol*.

Taken from the back of the package:  Kettle Korn uses only the finest quality of popping corn harvested straight from the farm of Nebraska where corn is grown to perfection under the wide blue skies.  From there, only one hybrid of exceptional quality passed Kettle Korn's high standard for taste and texture:  the mushroom hybrid, whose round, mushroom-shaped surface and tender flavor makes it ideal for the tempting flavors of Kettle Korn.  Made fresh everyday, Kettle Korn keeps its promise and ensures that each and every Kettle Korn pops out into crisp, mouth-watering popcorn.

Their tagline, "the best popcorn in the planet" suits them well but, I think, they still have to completely beat Popperoo to have a total claim.  Anyway, a friendly competition is always good, especially to us consumers *grins*.

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